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Hello friends, in this post today, we will learn how to find the simple interest of the given numbers with the help of program.
Before starting the program, we need to know what is simple interest.
Find simple interest
Let's start to know about simple interest.


When a person borrows money from another person or bank, the rent he has to pay to use the money of another person or bank is called interest.

Simple Interest:-

If the principal remains the same throughout the loan term, then the interest charged on that amount is simple interest.
  1. Operators
  2. Conditions Statements
  3. Pointers


Simple interest= (principal amount*rate*time)/100



Enter principle:6
Enter rate:8
Enter time:9
simple intrest=4.320000
Declearation of above program:
1. First input some variables P(principal amount), R(Rate) and T(Time).
2. Find simple interest using below formula
3. Finally, print the vale of Si.

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