First Program In C Programming Language

First C Program:-

Hello friends in this post, I will talk you about how to write a c program, before starting the program of C, we need to learn how to write, compile and run the program in c console.
First c program
To write the C program we need to open c console in our computer and then write the following C program:-
#include<stdio.h> it's mean that this is "include to standard input and output header files".
#include<conio.h> it's mean that this is "include to console input and output header files".
Int main() Here Int is Integer and main() function is "the entry point of program in c language".
Printf() it's used to print data in c console.
Return 0 statement returns execution status to Operating System. Here return 0 used for successful execution and return 1 used for unsuccessful execution.
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Compile And Run First C Program:-

There are two way for compile and run any C program:
  1. By Shortcut
  2. By Menu

1. By Shortcut:-

We can use Alt+F9 keys to compile program and we can use Ctrl+F9 keys to Run  C program.

2. By Menu:-

If we want to Compile or Run C program by menu, follow this step:
For Compiling: First click on Compile menu and then click on Compile.
For Run: First click on Run Menu and click on Run option.

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