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Hello friends, I welcome all of you in the Learnt Hub. In today's article I am going to tell you all about basic of programming language.

Introduction to Programming:-

As we know, computer cannot perform any task by its own. It should be instructed to perform any task. Also, computer cannot understand natural languages such as English, Spanish. So the computer user has to communicate with a computer using language which it can understand. That is, programs should be written in computer languages, called programming languages. The programming languages consist of a set of characters and symbols.
To write a program for a computer, we must use a computer language. Over the years 
computer languages have developed from machine languages to natural languages.
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Therefore, as a beginner programmer, it is very important to understand the concept of programming and its related components.
There are so many programmers who are doing programming but they do not know the concept behind programming.
Let us try to learn about it. In simple words, programming is a process in which a programmer instructs the CPU (Central Processing Unit) to perform a task.This task can be anything like adding,subtracting, multiplying,dividing etc.
Programming have some components like-
1- Programming Language
2- Compiler/Interpreter
3- Programmer

1- Programming Language:-

Programming Language is an artificial language,designed in such a way that it can express the various computations required for a task.
Programming languages ​​are used exclusively with computers.
We can also use programming languages ​​to write programs to express algorithms correctly or as a means of human communication.
There are currently atleast 2,50 programming languages.
Some programming languages ​​are Pascal, Basic, Fortran, C, C ++, Java, JavaScript, Python, Lisp and more other.

Types of Programming language:-

Programming languages converting into these types:-

Machine Language- 

This is a language that CPU directly execute.
It is easy to understand the machine,but it is not understand the human directly.
This language is very close to the hardware.
It is also called low level language.

Assembly language- 

It uses symbolic instructions and executable machine codes. Assembly language was created to make the machine code more readable.
Lable had added in it for makes it very easy to perform task.
It is also a low level language.

High Level Language- 

HLL is understandable to human. It is consists of set of english like words and symbols.
It's vocabulary looks like ordinary English.
HLL ​​would be independent from hardware such as C, C ++, java etc. We know that computer read only machine code so we need of a translator to translate high level language into machine languuage. We translate it by using interpreters and compilers.
Some Common Programming Language:-
Here is a list of some programming languages.
You have hear about these programming language like-
2. C++
4. PHP
5. JAVA etc

2- Compiler/Interpreter:-

The compiler is a software program that converts High Level Language's Code into Binary code(machine language)that can be understood and executed by a computer.
The process of converting High Level Programming Code into Machine Language Code is known as Compilation.
Interpreter is a program that executes code written in a High Level Programming Language line by line.Interpreter is used to translate a High Level Programming Language into a Machine Language(Binary Code).
Interpreter is a program that executes code written in a High Level Programming Language line by line, Interpreter is used to translate a High Level Programming Language into a Machine Language(Binary Code).

3- Programmer:-

A programmer is a person who has knowledge of a Programming Language.
A programmer uses his knowledge to solve real world problems with the help of programming language.


Algorithms was developed by an Arab mathematician. It is chalked out step-by-step approach to solve a given problem. It is represented in an English like language and has some mathematical symbols like ->, >, <, = etc. To solve a given problem or to write a program you 
approach towards solution of the problem in a systematic, disciplined, non-adhoc, step-by-step way is called Algorithmic approach. Algorithm is a penned strategy(to write) to find a solution.
Example:- Algorithm/pseudo code to add two numbers
Step 1:- Start 
Step 2:- Read the two numbers in to a,b
Step 3:- c=a+b
Step 4:- write/print c 
Step 5:- Stop.
Flowchart:- A Flow chart is a Graphical representation of an Algorithm or a portion of an Algorithm. 
Flow charts are drawn using certain special purpose symbols such as Rectangles, Diamonds, 
Ovals and small circles. These symbols are connected by arrows called flow lines.
Similarly, The diagrammatic representation of way to solve the given problem is called flow chart.

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