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Introduction Of MS Word:-
Ms Word is used to create applications, letters, forms etc.
Quick Access Toolbar- This toolbar is at the starting of the tittle toolbar. It shows as a symbol.By clicking on it,it starts as command button and it would have become highlights. When you click on the button, the same option is run.  For example, clicking on the Save icon saves the file.
Ms word
Clipboard:- Selected by this option we can cut any data,copy any data and paste any data from place to another place and using formate painter for paste any formate anywhere.
Menu of ms word

Font- We can change font style, change font size, bold any font, underline any data and change colour of any data by selecting font option.

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Paragraph- Selected by this option, we can applied bullet list at any paragraph.we can use different bullets by selecting bullet option like number bullet,multilevel list etc.
By selecting Decrease indent we can decrease left indent of selected paragraph.
By selecting Increase indent we can increase left indent of selected paragraph.
By selecting line spacing option we can increase or decrease space between lines.
Style- Selected by this option we can change style of any data like coloures, font, style of data etc.
Editing- Selected by this option we can choose Find option for finding any word or sentence in any paragraph or data and we can select Replace option for replace any word or sentence in any data.
Pages- This option use for editing page in ms word.we can create beautiful cover page of any data or file.
Table- Selected by table option, we can insert table in ms word, by selecting Draw Table curser change in pancil and we can draw any table.
We can convert simple text into table by choosing convert text to table option.
We can change table style in Table Style option and draw a border of table.

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